About Eola Hills

Steve Anderson, Winemaker

In 1993, a series of events would lead this Oregon State University horticulture graduate to what would eventually become a career in winemaking. Hired by Eola to be a vineyard manager, the position closed on the first day he went to work since Jim Huggins, whom he was to replace, decided to continue working along side his brother Tom. 

However, Eola’s winemaker at the time needed an extra body to help out during the harvest. Steve jumped on the opportunity and suddenly became, as he would put it, “A bona fide cellar rat.” Three weeks later the cellar rat became Eola’s official assistant winemaker.

After five years as Eola’s assistant winemaker, Steve was hired as the head winemaker at another Oregon winery. With two harvests under his belt and having developed a solid reputation as a winemaker on the move, he was surprised to be contacted by his old employer, Eola Hills. He was asked if he had an interest in returning to Eola as its head winemaker. His response was swift. “Absolutely,” he replied.

Today, Steve Anderson plays a critical role in fulfilling Tom Huggins’ mandate: “Take the best grapes from the best regions and make the best wine you can.” And that’s exactly what Steve does.

“Recently I was asked to describe my winemaking style. My reply was a one-word answer. Balance! The right amount of fruit, tannins, and acidity achieve harmony. And that’s what every wine drinker should look for.”

—Steve Anderson, Winemaker