About Eola Hills

Our history is relatively short in terms of lineage. There’s the founder and his family—a brother to be precise. The founder serves as general manager and the brother is the vineyard manager.

For over 25 years, these siblings have endured to produce exceptional Pinot Noir from vineyards they have planted and nurtured, along with fruit from other Oregon growers with whom they have long-standing relationships. The result has been Pinot Noir of a well-defined terroir that tastes uniquely Oregon.

A vertically integrated company (from soil to crush to bottle), Eola Hills is located in a natural weather shadow of the Coast Range, which shunts storms from the Pacific Ocean north to Portland and south below Salem, protecting its vineyards from weather extremes. Yet in summer, a gorge carved by ancient glaciers draws in maritime air to provide ideal cooling for sensitive varietals during warmer months.

In 1986 the first crop was harvested and made into wine by a nearby winery. The wine's quality provided ample proof of the vineyards' great potential. Therefore, in 1987, Eola Hills constructed a winery at nearby Rickreall, 10 miles west of Salem. This location is central to its vineyard holdings as well as other prime vineyards searched out and placed under contract to Eola Hills.

Today, Eola Hills owns or manages over 300 acres. Wine in storage is 3,000 barrels. The future never looked brighter. We invite your palate to experience Eola Hills Pinot Noir. We’re quite certain you will want to include our wine in your list of favorites.